Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Surgery

Faculty Awards

Excellence in Teaching Awards and the Gerald Ujiki, MD, Lectureship

Awards are given annually to faculty members who meet the levels of established teaching criteria and fully participate in the medical student and/or residency programs. Awards are presented in conjunction with the Gerald Ujiki, MD, Education Grand Rounds, and a celebratory dinner is held in honor of the award winners. Recipients who have won five or more times have their names engraved on a plaque located outside the Vice Chair of Education's office.

Wall of Honor

These faculty members have received the Excellence in Teaching Award five or more times

Peter Angelos, MD

Kevin Bethke, MD

Matthew Blum, MD

Marie Crandall, MD, PhD

Ervin Denham, MD

Gregory Dumanian, MD

Jonathan Fryer, MD

Amy Halverson, MD

Nabil Issa, MD

Melina Kibbe, MD

Alan Koffron, MD

David Mahvi, MD

Shari Meyerson, MD

William Pearce, MD

Jay Prystowsky, MD

Nancy Schindler, MD

Joseph Schneider, MD

Michael Shapiro, MD

Nathaniel Soper, MD

Cord Sturgeon, MD

Mark Talamonti, MD

Mark Toyama, MD

Gerald Ujiki, MD

Jeffrey Wayne, MD

David Winchester, MD