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Resident Quality Improvement Projects

Resident QI projects

Residents work on the "front lines" of health care. Once they graduate, they will be charged with engaging in ongoing quality assurance for the care of their patients. This two-year curriculum will be the start of an ongoing emphasis on the need for surgeons to take responsibility for doing all they can to address quality issues that affect patient safety and care. Residents are in an excellent position to identify problems or potential problems with the health care delivery systems in the hospitals in which they are assigned. This experience enables teams of residents to prioritize a problem and empowers them to investigate alternatives and propose meaningful solutions to hospital leadership. Residents are supported in this curriculum by quality improvement personnel and faculty sponsors (Surgical Outcomes and Quality Improvement Center). Through their work, residents have an opportunity to leave the health care system in which they trained a better place than when they arrived.

QI project topics have included: